Most people have heard of Uber, more recently in the News and not for good reasons. The company recently lost the license to drive in London due to some issues with the local council.

However they are attempting to get back on track, and they’re not just lying down to take it, they have appealed against it allowing them to keep driving in the meantime.

But I want to talk about my personal experience with Uber, so I got my first ride this year as they don’t have any drivers in Redditch yet, the Uber Driver who picked me up was finishing a job.

Lets first go over the app, because that’s where everything is done!

uber - samsung_s8_uber_Screenshot_full-e1516083962637 - Uber, Is it bad?

My personal view on why Uber is so popular is how convenient it is, launch the app, select your destination and vehicle type and you’re done, no phone calls, no waiting to speak to someone it’s really simple.

Not only that, before you even get in the Uber Taxi you know a minimum price and the maximum price, who the driver is, where he/she is and even see what the driver looks like.

you get so much information before you have even been in the vehicle it’s just amazing.

At the end of the trip, you are given a breakdown of what your ride just cost you, the option to tip and finally, rate the driver.

Now let’s talk about more about the Uber Rating System, once a driver takes the job you can see the name, rating and how many trips they have done since joining Uber, you can also see how long they have been with Uber.

Personally, this is an excellent insight into the Driver, mainly because it is an incentive for both the passenger and the driver, For the passenger, you can rest assured that he offers a great service and isn’t rude.

For the Driver, He can see how other Drivers have rated you before he gets to you, this means if you’re a 1 star out of 5 then they might avoid you, and it helps, the Driver knows that as a passenger you might be a problem, five stars and you are amazing!

uber - samsung_s8_uber_rating-e1516084525464 - Uber, Is it bad?

My overall view of Uber is a 50/50; They provide a great app that allows booking for taxis to be simple. However, the business practice has been very questionable. Personally, I will still use them, but I think they need to improve a lot.

One driver, I spoke to said that while he loves working for Uber because it offers him flexibility and a better job it is difficult as there are so many other drivers.

If you are interested in using Uber, then use this code for a free ride [varies by location] “matthewb17672ue”.

Whats, your experience with Uber, either working for them or being a passenger!



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