With Black Friday just gone, Its time for CYBER MONDAY!! AWESOME, Cyber Monday is good and bad, its good that some of the tech i love is on sale but bad because when its on sale its the wrong time of month, but it doesn’t mean others can enjoy it and not only that its near Christmas, so its a great opportunity to pick something up for yourself others.

So lets see what we have.


Logitech MX Master AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse


[object object] - 61vXfe58nL - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsA mouse, well not just a mouse, one that is highly rated, a trusted and well reviewed device, This Logitech mouse is amazingly designed, crafted with care and created by a trusted company, Logitech,  But don’t take our word for it, see a review by Unbox Therapy where you can see the product instead of just a picture.

View on Amazon   – £39.99 £79.99


Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers Bundle

[object object] - 38918f13-4936-43fa-ba30-0492746465a8 - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsThe Future is now affordable, the Oculus rift was originally £500+ but recently has been lowed, and on Amazon its currently at a great price, The Oculus Rift is a VR [Virtual Reality] device that allows you to be completely immersed in the game, this particulate bundle comes with Touch Controllers that give you more control over the Virtual World. see it in action here.

View on Amazon – £349.00

Xbox One S 500GB Console – Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle

[object object] - 81i37zHrI0L - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsA product I own, This is a great all rounder, with 4k Blu-Ray support, Dolby Atoms & DTS:X and a huge collection of games [backwards compatible] its a no brainier that this is a great console, while its not the latest it is currently selling for a great price, it even comes with Rocket League, A really fun game, I’ve spent many hours on this game [on the PC]! but lets get to the price!

View on Amazon – £169.99



WORX WG790E.1 28V 18cm Landroid M Robotic Lawn Mower

[object object] - 81QJ66qTjcL - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsI cant believe I’m recommending a lawn mower, but this is special, its automated, if I had a garden that would warrant this then i would get it now, just sit back and watch it work, it can detect if there is an obstacle and stop, so them pesky kids wont be hurt, or that dog that wont stop barking at it!

View on Amazon – £700.99 £899.99

All-new Amazon Echo (2nd generation), Charcoal Fabric

[object object] - 61yI7vWa83L - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsWant some that will always listens? who will follow every command without arguing? then Alexa is for you! I have used Alexa mixed with a smart bulb and it works a treat, just getting her to dim the lights while I’m watching a move is amazing, or asking her to play the radio, she just does it, its really lazy but great!

View on Amazon – £69.99 £89.99

FOSSIL Q Men’s Smartwatch FTW2117

[object object] - Fossil-Q-Founder-Analog-Digital-SDL897270340-2-e04ad - Cyber Monday – Amazon DealsSmartwatches are great, no longer do we need to pull out our expensive phone every time just to check a text or listen to some music, and they look like normal watch’s, so no one will know, unless you tell them of course, It also a great advancement in technology, I at one time had the Original Sony Smartwatch that was powered by Android Wear, it was great, but was a-bit plasticy, now this one by fossil is a premium feel one at a fraction of the price!

View on Amazon – £109.00 £159.00



There is so much more I want to list, but it would go on forever, so have a search below and see what you can find, let me know if you have taken the opportunity to by some tech below.





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